What we do?

With its moderate means Abidi foundation is working towards the funding of underprivileged / orphan students by funding their education by collaborating with School / Colleges / Orphanages & other relevand organizations. We are driven by sheer will and generous donations from people across the globe who shares the same vision as ours. .


Education is critical to the alleviation of poverty; it improves health and productivity, drives gender parity and promotes opportunities for upward mobility. It is the foundation of the nation’s socio-economic development and can be considered the most important investment for progress.

From an individual perspective, education sparks a pursuit of knowledge and love for learning, fosters confidence and self-esteem, and helps individuals to maximise their potential and engage in a meaningful manner in the civic, economic, cultural and social aspects of society.

Work Area

Education has been a key focus area of the Abid Foundation since inception – The foundation falicitates scholarships to young Indians who wants to go abroad for higher studies.

Currently, through the education portfolio, the Abidi Foundation strive to provide ‘Authentic learning for all’ in a comprehensive and holistic manner. The goal is to provide high-quality, authentic, real-world, active learning experiences that mould productive and well-rounded 21st century citizens while also working to ensure equitable access to these learning opportunities.

Our Goal

The primary goal of the Foundation is to contribute to a society that is “a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society” as envisaged in the Constitution of India. Towards this goal, we have identified education as a critical area that has direct impact on the economic, social and cultural development of the nation.

  • 1 We are working with local urban / rural communities to identify the needs of the children who requires maximum attention especially in the post covid scenario. We believe in supplementing the work of the government not substituting it.
  • 2 Our aim is to change the public education system rather than create “islands of excellence”. We believe it is important to raise the level of a large lake by one inch rather than fill a small glass of water. Therefore achieving scale along with quality is a key principle that informs our work.
  • 3 While we do acknowledge the importance of results, ours is not a short-term approach meant merely to generate results. We see our work as a serious, long-term commitment. Such work demands establishing a deep-rooted presence in the places where we work.

How we do

Find volunteers

Connect with people who want to contribute and have passion for social welfare especially in the area of education and are ready to go the extra mile.

Find those who are in need of help

With the help of volunteers, Identify and validate the requirement of the sponsorship. Assist students with all the financial help they require to pursue their educational goals.

Collaborate with the Schools / Colleges

Identify the schools and colleges best suited for the student need and bring them on board for the necessary connection to the students with the schools on Panel with Abidi Foundations.

Fund Scholarship

From the generous donations received from the Abidi foundations sponsors, Pay the fees directly to the school colleges/institution. Assist at a more personal level.

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